2021-22 School Budget Vote: Deadlines, Voting Details, and Ballot Propositions

Tomorrow, May 11 is the last day to get your applications into the district clerk if you want an absentee ballot mailed to you. You have until May 17 if you are picking up your absentee ballot from the district office. More details on absentee ballots.

If you are voting in person, the election is Tuesday, May 18 from 12PM-9PM at the Jr. / Sr. High School Gym Lobby.

On Tuesday, May 18, Middleburgh Central School District residents have an opportunity to vote on a $22.9 million budget for the 2021-22 school year. This proposed budget increases spending by 0.52%, or $119,097 from the current year, and includes a 0% tax levy increase. Since the tax levy increase—the total amount of money to be raised through property taxes—is less than the district’s maximum allowable levy limit of 1.76%, the proposed budget needs a simple majority vote to be approved.

Aside from the budget vote, Middleburgh residents will decide on three propositions.

Bus Purchase

Safe, reliable transportation is a top priority for our district. The anticipated purchase of 5 new buses in an amount not to exceed $491,000 as part of the district’s ongoing bus replacement plan. The funding for 1-65 passenger, 2-48 passenger and 2-24 passenger buses will be $385,925 or 78.6% from State Aid and Local Share of $105,075 or 21.40% paid over a 5-year period. The amount per taxpayer is approximately $5 per year. 

Repair Reserve

A proposal to fund the Repair Reserve in the amount not to exceed $275,000 from the unappropriated 2020-21 fund balance; for repairs of future capital improvements not covered under state aid regulations. An appropriation to a repair fund is not an “ordinary contingent expense,” therefore, voter approval is required. Sources of funds include budgetary appropriations or other revenues that may be legally appropriated and are not required by law to be paid into other funds or accounts. Expenditures from this reserve can only be made after a public hearing has been held requiring 2/3 majority vote of BOE.   

Rensselaerville Library

The Rensselaerville library is asking people who live within the Middleburgh school district to use their tax dollars to help support it. They put a proposition on this year’s school budget vote ballot for $15,000 which equates to six cents tax for every $1,000 of taxable value. The Rensselaerville Library is chartered to serve the people in the town of Rensselaerville, but also Middleburgh residents as well. Within the town,  38% of all the tax parcels are in the Middleburgh school district and 57% are from the Greenville school district.

As propositions go, it is an up or down vote for each measure on the ballot. If a majority of Middleburgh taxpayers choose to support this proposition, they would have the ability to get Rensselaerville library cards, which would give them a library card and access to the resources at the library and additional online resources from the Upper Hudson Library System.

Rensselaerville uses the Upper Hudson Library System and has a digital collection of approximately 71,000 items. This includes ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming video titles. Middleburgh Library is part of the Mohawk Hudson Library System with a different set of digital collections of about 56,000 items. Supporting this measure will not impact Middleburgh Library funding.