Community Updates for Superintendent Search

May 11Superintendent Vacancy – Invitation to Apply – Deadline: June 10

May 2Sign up for Tuesday, May 3 virtual forums in order to get link to participate (You must sign up by 2:00PM in order to receive a link for the forum)

April 25Community forums start Tuesday, April 26, please sign up for the stakeholder group that applies to you.

April 14 – If you are attending an in-person or virtual community forum, please sign up for a session using this link. 

April 12 – Online survey and community forum schedule to inform upcoming search for new superintendent

April 7 – BOE Begins Superintendent Search Process with BOCES Consultants

Middleburgh Superintendent Search Q & A

Is the Board of Education conducting the superintendent search on its own? 

The Middleburgh Board of Education is working with the Capital Region BOCES central administration to conduct the confidential search.

What is a confidential superintendent search? 

A confidential superintendent search means that all applicants for the position of superintendent of schools will apply directly to the BOCES consultants. BOCES and the board will work together to identify, from the entire applicant pool, who meets our criteria and who we would like to interview. The board will see ALL applications, but they will be submitted first to BOCES.

Why is a confidential search necessary? 

This process is followed to attract sitting superintendents and other education professionals who may prefer that their candidacy for the Middleburgh position not be made public. Without confidentiality, there is often a very limited pool of candidates for the position of superintendent. Conducting a confidential search increases the likelihood that the most qualified candidates will apply for the position. 

Are there opportunities for public input?

Yes! With the BOCES consultants, the district released a community survey through the district website and ParentSquare beginning Tuesday, April 12. On the survey, community members are asked to give input on the following questions:

  • What are the strengths of the Middleburgh Central School District?
  • What needs to be improved? 
  • What characteristics and personal attributes should the new superintendent have? 
  • What will the new superintendent need to work on first? 
  • Do you have any additional thoughts or comments? 

The survey will be available online for approximately one month. Community focus groups will also be held to collect feedback from attendees. All input given by the community will be taken into consideration by members of the board of education throughout their interviewing and vetting process.

What’s next? 

Interested candidates must submit all application materials to the BOCES consultants by mid-June. After that date, the search consultants and board of education begin the interview process. Selected applicants will complete at least two rounds of interviews with the board. 

Once a candidate is chosen, they will be vetted through a process led by the BOCES team before a formal offer is made. The board expects that the new superintendent will be appointed in the fall.