Letter from the School Psychologist


My name is Brenda Damm and I am the school district’s School Psychologist. I have been with Middleburgh since 1998. My main office is in the Elementary School, 245-1 Main Street, Middleburgh. I share an office at the Jr./Sr. High School and I am there on B, D or F days depending on my schedule.

I have the responsibility of performing assessments on children when concerns have been brought to my attention regarding learning challenges.

I am a member of the Child Study Team at each building where we sit as a group to hear concerns and offer suggestions prior to testing being requested. In addition, I sit on the Committee for Special Education where students are reviewed to see if they need this level of support as well as reviewed if they already receive special education.

A special education student’s progress is monitored every year at Annual Reviews and I will perform triennial reviews every three years which is a more in-depth form of monitoring. I am also involved in many other ways through consultation with teachers, outside agencies and families to support your children and for them to experience success in all they do.

Other responsibilities and joys involve working with children on counseling issues. My primary approach is through Play Therapy. I use directive and nondirective approaches which help children to process events they experience and to help them learn and grow social emotionally in a fun and more natural manner. I am invested in promoting a positive learning environment for all, and I am always learning new things and sharing information.

Check out the links on the psychology page that provide more information on each of these areas. If there is something else you may be curious about or would like shared please email me.