Hybrid Teaching Model Opens Door for Better Data

Student collects crayfish samples from Schoharie CreekWhether they are getting in-person instruction or learning from home, students at Middleburgh High School are being motivated with hands-on experiments, and they are using modern technology tools to share their work with classmates.

For the past eight years, AP environmental science teacher Mollie Burgett has brought her students to Schoharie Creek to look for, and collect data on invasive rusty crayfish. With some of her class learning remotely, it opened up a unique moment to also collect crayfish samples from other creeks closer to home. While on location, the students shared their findings with their classmates through Zoom calls.  

“The exciting thing about collecting data this year is the opportunity for students to contribute research from different locations around the district,” said Mollie Burgett. “We’ve been seeing the trend of decreasing native crayfish in the Schoharie creek at the Middleburgh bridge, but students in remote locations found native crayfish in their samples. This has added an interesting layer to the students’ analysis of the impact of invasive species on local ecosystems.”

AP environmental science students show crayfish samplesMiddleburgh student looks for invasive rusty crayfishAP students on field trip at Schoharie Creek collect crayfish samples