MCS students head to Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art for art experience

students attend the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary ArtOn May 30, the MCS 9th grade Studio Art 1 class had the opportunity to travel to North Adams, MA to spend the day at MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art).

MASS MoCA is a massive art museum sitting on 26 acres and made up of 26 historic factory buildings that were refurbished into galleries.  The space itself is a one of a kind experience as you navigate through wide open industrial corridors, in and out of various rooms of contemporary artist installations.

For all of the students, this field trip was their first experience visiting a contemporary art museum and for most of the students, their first time in any art museum.  At times contemporary art can be overwhelming and confusing but these students opened up to allow their feelings and senses to be overwhelmed.

The massive museum holds more art than they could see in one day, but some of the student’s favorite works of art were;  the somewhat creepy “Mounds” by Trenton Doyal Handcock, the “Chalkroom” by Laurie Anderson, a Louise Bourgeois sculpture called “Couples” ,  James Turrell’s sculptures of light and space, the LED arches of Jenny Holzer, and the 80 foot long, 150 three-bulb light fixture installation called  “Cosmic Latte” by Spencer Finch. 

Everyone had a great time and were able to explore, enjoy and be inspired by some of the most important names in contemporary art.