Meet the New Elementary Substitute Teacher

Getting to Know Madison Crandallimage of Elementary Teacher Madison Crandall

Madison Crandall joined the Middleburgh Central Schools team in January as a long-term elementary school substitute teacher. 

Madison is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta and holds a Bachelors in Early Childhood/Childhood Education (B-6).  She is also a graduate of nearby Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District.

Prior to joining our team, Madison taught Kindergarten in the Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District. She also student-taught fifth grade in the Mohonasen Central School District.

Madison enjoys coming to school everyday and says the best part of her job are the people around her. 

“I get to hang out with my best friends – who just happen to be fourth graders,” she said.  “Not only do I get to teach my students math and ELA, but I also teach them about the world around them and encourage them to be kind, amazing and smart individuals.”

Question: What do you look forward to in your work at Middleburgh?

The students and the people. Starting in the middle of the school year was scary.  The thought of going into a school where I knew nobody was terrifying, but everyone was (and still is) so kind, welcoming and just beyond amazing. I have made so many friends and overall just love coming into work each day.

Question: What are your favorite hobbies?

I love any form of working out –  whether it’s weight lifting, pilates or just going for a run! I also love to read any (and all) books. My “to be read” list is way too long!

Question: Do you have a motto?

Probably “enjoy the now” or “students are children too.” Both of them have helped me so much – not only in life, but teaching as well. They make me focus on what’s happening in the present and not what I had planned.  It’s a good reminder that it’s okay to stop what you’re doing and take a break. Sometimes the students have a day where they can’t focus on the entire math lesson and that’s okay.  It’s okay to stop to play a little game, get them moving and give them a nice break because they aren’t just students, but children too.