Summer Reading Reminder for Fifth and Sixth Graders

All incoming 5th and 6th graders have been asked to read a biography or autobiography over the summer. There are also questions to answer about the book that will be used to complete a project and essay in the first two weeks of school. Students recieved the questions for their book at the end of the school year, but for anyone having trouble locating that document, we have included the information in this post.

Fifth Graders: Your book should be about a famous person from North or South America. They could have lived a long time ago or still be living today. Some examples: George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Mickey Mantle, Sitting Bull, Harriet Tubman, Henry Ford, Duane “The Rock” Johnson”. You are not limited to these, as they are only suggestions.

Sixth Graders: Your book should be about a famous person from Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia. Some suggestions: Henry VIII, Marie Antoinette, Mansa
Musa, Ibn Battuta, Alexander the Great, Queen Elizabeth II, J.K. Rowling, Cleopatra, Mohandas Ghandi. You are not limited to these.

The questions students need to answer should be done during and after reading. It’s due when school starts in September. This is a graded assignment that will count for Social Studies and ELA.

Your name_________________________________
I read the book______________________________(title)

What to think about while you read:
Is __________________a hero or a villain?

Biographical Information
Person’s name________________________________
Died_________________(put still living if that is the case)
Country of birth_________________________________

Occupation or main job_______________________________
Education, if any_______________________________________________
Family members________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Interests and ambitions_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Positive and negative personality traits_________________________________________________________________________________________________
Why is this person considered important or famous____________________________________________________________________________________
Important events, discoveries, inventions: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Feats (things the person accomplished)_________________________________________________________________________________________________
Failures (things the person tried that didn’t go well)_____________________________________________________________________________________