Technology students study rocketry, bridge-building

Seventh-graders in Scott Gray’s Technology class got a taste of space flight on Thursday as they begun a hands-on study of rocketry and space flight.

Gray kicked off the unit on Thursday with the launch of an Estes style model rocket, which contain a solid propellant that launches the rocket when ignited.

According to Gray, students will begin learning about the science behind rocketry on both a large and a small scale.

“At the end of the unit students will be able to identify components and vocabulary of each of the NASA rockets, as well as understand the science and engineering behind model rocketry,” Gray explained.

Students will each build small bottle rockets powered by compressed air, and will work in groups to build larger, Estes-style rockets like the one that launched Thursday.

The 20-week Technology program will also introduce students to the machines of the wood shop, as well as engineering and measurement. During the second 10 weeks of the class, students will explore the different types of bridges used on American roads.

“While it is my first year teaching this class, it is the first of many Technology classes where students get introduced to the importance of technology in today’s society,” Gray explained.

Gray and his students will launch some of their rockets during a “Technopalooza” event on June 8, which will include presentations, exhibits and competitions featuring student work, as well as food, music and a classic car show.