2020-21 School reentry plan: Child Nutrition

School meals will continue to be available to all students, including those attending school in-person and those learning remotely.

For information about how meal information will be communicated, visit the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section  of our reopening plan.

Meals onsite

For students onsite, meals will be provided while maintaining appropriate social distancing between students. Students do not need to wear face coverings when seated and eating so long as they are appropriately socially distanced. 

The district will ensure social distancing between individuals while eating in the school cafeteria. If not feasible, meals may be served in alternate areas (e.g., classrooms) or in staggered meal periods to ensure social distancing and proper cleaning and disinfection between students.

The sharing of food and beverages (e.g., buffet style meals, snacks) is prohibited, unless individuals are members of the same household. Adequate space will be reserved for students, faculty, and staff to observe social distancing while eating meals.

Students at Middleburgh Elementary School will use hand sanitizer prior to entering the cafeteria.  Students will be eating in the cafeteria with adequate social distancing of at least 6 feet.  Students buying lunch will preorder and those meals will be delivered to students once seated at their tables.  They are pre-packaged and include all necessary silverware and condiments.  Students will be reminded of the rules about not sharing food by teachers and cafeteria monitors.

Students at Middleburgh Jr./Sr. High School will use hand sanitizer prior to entering the cafeteria or lobby space for lunch.  Students will be given a limited menu and pre-packaged meals as they go through the line using social distancing and masks when necessary.

Students may be asked to pre-order their lunches at the beginning of the week. This will ensure the cafeteria staff has time to prepare individually wrapped meals for quick distribution and limited student contact.

Schedules for school lunches will allow for adequate time in between lunch shifts for disinfecting tables and other areas where students were eating.

The district’s food service plan will be in compliance with the Child Nutrition Program requirements. 

Meals offsite/remote

Students who are learning remotely at Middleburgh will be provided meals through a pick-up service operating at the schools.  In the event of a hardship that prevents families from picking up meals, we will work together with families to develop an individual plan.