2022 Fall Sports Sign up 

Fall sports sign-ups are available for students entering 7-12 grade in the 2022-23 school year.

If student-athletes want to play one of these sports, they need to sign up using this form. Team levels offered are contingent upon student enrollment.

Go Knights!

The Middleburgh Central School District believes athletics are an integral part of a well-balanced educational program. That’s why the district supports a broad sports program with equal access for all students, with an emphasis on maximum participation, through interscholastic and intramural activity.

Athletic Teams

The Middleburgh Central School District offers the following interscholastic sports during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.


  • Girls Volleyball (modified, junior varsity, varsity)
  • Golf (varsity)
  • Boys Soccer (modified, junior varsity, varsity)
  • Girls Soccer (modified, junior varsity, varsity)
  • Boys & Girls Cross Country (modified and varsity) merged with BKW



  • Boys Basketball (modified, junior varsity, varsity)
  • Girls Basketball (modified, junior varsity, varsity)
  • Bowling (varsity)
  • Cheerleading (varsity)
  • Wrestling Merged with BKW


  • a middleburgh player pitches a ball during a softball gameBaseball (modified, varsity)
  • Softball (modified, varsity)
  • Boys Track (modified, varsity)
  • Girls Track (modified, varsity)
  • Tennis (varsity)

Booster Club

For Booster Club information, please contact Robin Grupinski.