Board of Education


May 1: An update for those interested in running for the Board of Education

The school district is governed by a five-member Board of Education that is elected to three-year terms by the community every May.

Email the Middleburgh Board of Education.

Board of Education

a picture of the 2018-19 middleburgh board of education
The Middleburgh Board of Education

Pamela Standhart, President
Becky Binder, Vice-President
Ernest Kuehl Jr.
Debra A. Bechtold
Vicki Hoerz

Standing Board Committees/Representatives

Curriculum Committee Representatives:

Vicki Hoerz and Ernest Kuehl

Facility and Grounds Committee Reps:

Debra Bechtold and Ernest Kuehl

Transportation Committee Reps:

Becky Binder and Vicki Hoerz

Budget and Finance Committee Reps:

Entire BOE

Policy Development and Review:

Pamela Standhart and Vicki Hoerz

Schoharie County School Boards Association:

Debra Bechtold

Process to Address Your Concerns

Despite our best efforts, there will be a time when something in the school district doesn’t work for you — a time when you question why something was done, or not done. When you find yourself in this situation, we ask that you work together with us by following the steps below in the process as established by our School Board.

  1. Discuss the issue with the teacher or guidance counselor at school, or the appropriate person in a department or program.
  2. Discuss the issue with the principal. If it is a school-wide concern, this becomes Step 1.
  3. Contact the Superintendent’s Office.

If you are unable to resolve your concern during any of the above steps, please request the person at that level to assist you in the process of moving to the next step. Board members may ask the Superintendent to discuss citizen concerns with the appropriate staff person.

Board of Education Meetings

Meetings are called to order at 5 p.m. and adjourn for an executive session; public session begins at approximately 6 p.m. All meetings are held in the Middleburgh Jr./Sr. High School Library unless otherwise noted.

board docs logo with a tree, the words Board Docs, and "your paperless governance solution"Middleburgh Central Schools uses BoardDocs to host our Agendas, Supporting Documents, and Minutes for Board of Education meetings. Please click the BoardDocs link to access these documents for all meetings.

July 10, 2019: Reorganization Meeting
July 31, 2019: Regular Meeting
August 1, 2019: Board Retreat at Capital Region BOCES
August 28, 2019: Regular Meeting
September 25, 2019: Regular Meeting – Elementary School Cafeteria
October 23, 2019: Regular Meeting
November 20, 2019: Regular Meeting
December 18, 2019: Regular Meeting
January 15, 2020: Regular Meeting
February 12, 2020: Regular Meeting
March 4, 2020: Regular Meeting
March 18, 2020: Regular Meeting – Elementary School Cafeteria
March 25, 2020 SPECIAL MEETING at 4:30 p.m. at the Jr-Sr High School Library for the sole  purpose of accepting project bids for the Capital Project. 
April 8, 2020: Regular Meeting
April 22, 2020: Regular Meeting & BOCES vote
May 6, 2020: Regular Meeting
May 19, 2020 Regular meeting
May 27, 2020: -Public Hearing and Regular Meeting
CANCELLED June 3, 2020: Regular Meeting
June 9, 2020Annual District Election 
June 17, 2020: Regular Meeting

PLEASE NOTE: Meetings are open to the public. Adherence to all CDC/social distancing mandates will be followed. The use of masks is required and will be enforced. The health and safety of all visitors to our buildings remains our first priority.  Thank you for your attention to this importance information.

Archives of Board of Education agendas and minutes can be found on the BoardDocs site. If you are looking for previous agendas or minutes that are not posted there, please contact the District Clerk at (518) 827-3625.