Budget and Taxes

school budget art2021-2022 Budget
BREAKING NEWS: Middleburgh Central School District residents approved all four propositions from the district’s 2021-22 school budget proposal. Read about the vote breakdown.


On April 21, 2021, the Middleburgh Board of Education approved a budget of $22,922,240 for the 2021-22 school year. This proposed budget increases spending by .52 percent, or $119,097 from the current year, and includes a tax levy increase of 0%.

The 0 percent tax levy increase —the total amount of money to be raised through property taxes—is less than the district’s maximum allowable levy limit of 1.76 percent, as determined by the state’s tax cap law. The proposed budget needs a simple majority vote to be approved.


  • 2020-21 Amount $16,963,878
  • 2021-22 Amount $17,220,772
  • 75.13% of Proposed Budget
  • Includes salaries and benefits of all teachers and staff who deliver pupil services (guidance, health, library/media etc.), textbooks, equipment, co-curricular activities, athletics and transportation costs.


  • 2020-21 Amount $2,235,289
  • 2021-22 Amount $2,134,055
  • 9.31% of Proposed Budget
  • Includes the salaries and benefits of administrators, supervisors, and administrative clerical staff, public information, printing, curriculum and staff development, school board costs, general insurance and professional fees.


  • 2020-21 Amount $3,603,977
  • 2021-22 amount $3,567,413
  • 15.56% of Proposed Budget
  • Includes salaries and benefits of maintenance and custodial staff, debt service on buildings and school bus purchases, utilities, tax certiorari and court-ordered cost

In the news

Read the details of the budget presented to the board for adoption on 4/21/21. 

The budget season started off on January 19, 2021, during Governor Cuomo’s annual budget address, we learned that the fate of our education funding heavily relies on the assistance New York gets from the federal government. 

It’s a challenging time, in addition to our mandates and other fiscal responsibilities, we bear the responsibility for instructional and non-instructional costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This year, Middleburgh Central School District has given these five additional budget presentations to the Board of Education. If you need assistance accessing these budget documents, please call the office at (518) 827-3600.

December 16, 2020 MCS Budget Presentation to Board of Education

January 13, 2021 MCS Budget Presentation to Board of Education

February 10, 2021 MCS Budget Presentation to Board of Education

March 10, 2021 MCS Budget Presentation to Board of Education

March 31, 2021 MCS Budget Pressentation to the Board of Education