2020-21 School reentry plan: Health and Safety/Health checks

The district has developed resources to educate parents/guardians and staff members regarding the careful observation of symptoms of COVID-19 and health screening measures that must be conducted each morning before coming to school. The resources include the requirement for any student or staff member with a fever of 100°F or greater and/or symptoms of possible COVID-19 virus infection to not come to school. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list of Coronavirus symptoms was used to develop these resources.

The Middleburgh Central School District will implement the following practices to conduct mandated health screening:

There will be a district app that parents can use to input screening data for their children prior to their arrival at school.  Staff will be using the same app to self-report.  Information about the app will be mailed home and posted on the district website including directions.  Those families who cannot access the app will be given an alternative means of reporting screening data for their children (paper forms and/or a card to submit) each day filled out by a parent/guardian prior to students arriving at school.

  1. Daily temperature checks and completion of the screening questionnaire provided in the New York Forward Pre-K to Grade 12 School Guidelines for staff, contractors, vendors, and visitors [prior to arrival/at school].
  2. Daily temperature check and completion of the screening questionnaire (mentioned above) for students [prior to arrival/at school]
        a.  Parents will be required to attest to their child(ren) temperature and their possible exposure to COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the school building or boarding a school bus. The district will be providing an application to be completed daily. While we will not be asking for specific temperatures or details of symptoms the information will be required daily. For families who do not complete the application, their child will be screened before entering the school building.
        b.  For families who do not have access to the internet on a daily basis, an attestation card will be provided and must be given to the bus driver, monitor or staff member at the entrance of the school each day.
        c.   Students who cannot be screened at home will be screened at school prior to entrance into the buildings. Trained staff in proper PPE will be available to screen students.
        d.   Information collected for screening purposes will be recorded as Cleared or Not Cleared. The specific temperature or symptoms will not be recorded or saved. All information will be treated in a confidential manner and the screening will be completed as quickly as possible to minimize time away from class.
  3.  The screening data collection method, the data maintained (cleared/not cleared only) and the data retention period. Data from the app and any alternate methods will be maintained for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year.
  4.   The isolation from others and immediate dismissal from school if an individual has a temperature of 100°F or greater or has a positive response to a screening question.
  5.   If a person has a temperature above 100°F or a positive response to a screening question, they will be isolated in designated areas.
  6.  Students and staff should notify the school immediately when they develop symptoms or if the answers to the questionnaire change during or outside school hours. The student/staff member  should notify the school via email or through a direct call: 518-827-3625
  7.  The designation of a staff person who will review the incoming reports of screening by staff and parent/guardians and attest that they are completed.
        a.   Jen Urrey – MCS Elementary School
        b.   Nancy Terrell – MCS Jr/ Sr High School 
  8.   The designation of a staff person to be the contact for staff or students to inform if they later experience COVID-19 symptoms.
        a.   Janet Ferrara – MCS Elementary School
        b.   Jen Adams – MCS Jr. /Sr. High School
  9.   Daily reminders will be sent to all families informing them of the health screening policy and application.

In-school temperature screening protocols, including:

●       Staff members will be available at specific locations utilizing special entrances to screen students entering the building without a prior screening.

●       Students will be distanced at 6 ft apart with signage on the floor to indicate distance.

●       Staff members who perform temperature screenings will go through a complete training on proper equipment use and confidentiality.

●       The district will ensure sufficient supplies for taking temperatures

●       The district will provide PPE and/or barriers for staff members conducting the screening