2020-21 School reentry plan: Health and Safety/Infection control strategies

Middleburgh Central School District will implement infection control strategies including ensuring immediate closures of spaces where infected or potentially-infected individuals have spent time, isolating individuals in designated separate areas immediately, use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer throughout the building, and using traffic control strategies while students move within the building.

At Middleburgh Elementary School, students in grades Pre-K through 4 will be classrooms with a reduced number of students to allow for at least 6 feet of social distance in all instructional areas.  Students are grouped in grade level cohorts to limit exposure to students in other grade levels.  There is adequate space in the cafeteria to allow for social distancing and protocols are in place for students to pre-order their meals that will be delivered to their tables to avoid the need for a buffet line.  The lunch schedule has been shifted to allow for regular disinfecting between grade level rotations.  Special area classes will be provided in the classroom with the exception of physical education which can be provided in the gym with 12 ft of social distancing or outside.  The limits the amount of movement throughout the building for the youngest students. 

Students in grades 5 and 6 will be housed at the Jr/Sr High School in a separate wing of the building.  Those students will be broken into appropriately sized sections to allow for at least 6 feet of social distancing in instructional spaces.  Teachers will rotate classrooms to teach their various subject areas while students remain in the same space throughout the day with the exception of physical education and lunch.

Students in grades 7-12 will be using a hybrid model at the Jr./Sr. High School.  This model allows for half of the students in those grade levels to attend in person and allow for social distancing while the other half of those students utilize remote learning and then alternate.  When students change classes throughout the day following hallway arrows and procedures, teachers will disinfect student desks and any other materials that would have been shared.

Facility Alterations and Acquisition: N/A
Space Expansion: N/A
Tents for Additional Space: N/A
Plumbing Facilities and Fixtures:
·       The minimum number of toilet fixtures meets building code requirements

·       Drinking Water Facilities: One drinking fountain is required for each one hundred occupants so additional water fountains may be turned off in order to facilitate frequent cleaning of those in use.  Disinfection of drinking fountains will take place regularly throughout the day.

·       Responsible Parties will ensure distancing rules are adhered to by using signage, occupied markers, and other methods to reduce restroom occupancy at any given time, where feasible.

Current ventilation system is adequate for all codes required and will be maintained as designed.  Staff members may open windows and doors to allow for outdoor air to enter classrooms to the greatest extent possible while maintaining health and safety protocols.

New Technology for Air Purification: N/A