Art and Book Clubs Welcome Illustrator Robin Brickman

Artist works with students.Middleburgh elementary students recently had an opportunity to learn from a professional artist. Students in both the art and the book clubs were captivated during a hand-on workshop by illustrator Robin Brickman.  Using paper, scissors, paint and glue, Brickman creates hand sculpted three-dimensional images that look real.

Art teacher and club advisor Kim Audino invited Brickman to present a workshop to her students so they could experience the connection between natural science and art. “Brickman creates a unique method for illustrating children’s books which connect natural science and painted paper,” said Audino.

Two adults stand next to mural.After learning about Brickman’s technique, the students got to work on their own masterpiece. A total of 86 club members sculpted paper plants and animals to create a coral reef mural. The mural is on display outside the MES library for the entire school to enjoy.

Brickman has a number of published books including, “Leaflets Three,” “ Let It Be!,” “I Am An Artist,” “One Night In the Coral Sea,” “ A Log’s Life,” “Wings,” ” Shallows in the Birdhouse,” “Starfish.”Students sit in stands.Students work on art project.Students work on art project.