BusRight App Will Deliver Real-Time Information

A message from Transportation Supervisor William Himme:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am writing to provide an exciting announcement about an initiative that Middleburgh School District has been pursuing for several months and is preparing to roll out on a trial basis. 

BusRight – a transportation technology startup – has developed an app that will allow you to keep track of your student’s school bus route directly from a smartphone. The BusRight app will allow you to, in real-time, follow your student’s bus route to and from school, receive notifications when the bus begins and ends its route, view the expected arrival time at your child’s designated bus stop, and receive ad-hoc communications from the Transportation Department. 

Invitations to our beta-rollout of the app will be sent to your email during the month of August from support@busright.com with the subject “You’re Invited to BusRight.” Your invite will contain a link to create an account with BusRight and will officially go live with bus routes on the morning of September 6, 2023.  We’re working closely with the BusRight team to perfect the system and, in the meantime, ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to make improvements. Once launched, if you log in to the system and observe that the bus appears to be offline, it does not mean the bus route is not in operation – it is most likely the result of one of the following reasons: 

  • The bus route has completed its run and is back at the bus lot and not turned on.
  • The driver is using a spare vehicle that is not equipped with BusRight’s GPS tracking system.
  • The GPS Tracking system on the vehicle is not online due to technical issues.
  • If the route does not show as an option on your route list, you may not be assigned to the stop in the BusRight system. You should contact the Transportation Department at william.himme@mcsdny.org or shannon.smith@mcsdny.org.

Please note that if you have students on routes that are not yet being launched on BusRight, you may also see the live locations of those vehicles, but they may not be accurate until officially launched. 

Questions or issues regarding the use of the BusRight app should be directed to support@busright.comAs always, questions about your child’s bus stop or route should be directed to the Middleburgh Transportation Department at 518-827-3630 or shannon.smith@mcsdny.org or william.himme@mcsdny.org 

A guide to the BusRight app – including download links, training videos, and more – can be found here.

William Himme
Transportation Supervisor