Celebrating Halloween at Middleburgh Elementary

We hope you enjoy some photos from our Halloween parties today. Please be safe this weekend and have fun!

“Our second and third grade classes had classroom celebrations and wore costumes while watching the Pre-K through first graders parade down the hallway,” said Elementary School Principal Amy Irwin. “Grade 4 walked downtown to see all the scarecrows lining Main Street and had a blast. They were excited to get waves from inside the businesses and honks from cars passing by.” 

When planning the parties this year, school administrators made sure to include their remote learners in the festivities. “We celebrated Halloween by keeping our Zoom cameras off and we each had to give clues for the others to guess our costume,” said fourth grade teacher Kris Wood. “We ended with a game of BINGO for which the kids made their own bingo boards out of the names of our costumes and other Halloween words.”

Virtual Halloween Party of 4th graders with costumes