Class of 2020 Graduation News

Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Where is the location of the ceremony?
The Greenville Drive-In – 10700 NY-32, Greenville, NY 12083; The Drive-in is approximately 35 minutes away from the high school.

Greenville Drive-In 

Q: What happens in the event of rain?
The graduation ceremony will take place rain or shine.

Q; What time does the ceremony start and when should I arrive?
The ceremony will start at 8:30 pm. This late start is needed for us to all enjoy the video display on the drive-in screen. We will be opening the gates at 7:45 pm. Please give yourself ample time to drive from your homes to the drive-in.

Q: How many cars will each student be allowed and will there be tickets?
Each graduate will be given two tickets, one for a primary car, and one for a
secondary car.  The primary car will have the graduate and family members.  Only family members in the primary car will have the opportunity to accompany the graduate to the stage to take pictures.  The secondary car can include anyone you wish to invite. If you do not need a secondary car, please let us know and we will open up a lottery for families that need a third car. Each ticket will be designated by row and space number.  The graduates will be in a specifically assigned area separate from their secondary car.  This is to allow graduates to exit their cars to personally receive their diploma. 

Q: Can I decorate my car?
Yes! We encourage you to decorate your car; however, please be mindful that you will need to see out of it to view the ceremony.

Q: Can I rent a 12-person van or bus?
The reason we are conducting the graduation at the drive-in is to maintain compliance with all current CDC guidelines of social distancing and safety. All cars must be able to fit in a standard size parking spot and be no higher than eight feet. We will have police presence to ensure the safety of all graduates and their guests. Please be mindful of others and limit the number of guests to the occupancy of a standard car, SUV or pickup truck.

Q: How will social distancing be ensured?
We are asking that all individuals remain in their cars for the duration of the ceremony. If you need to utilize the bathroom facilities (see bathroom facilities comments below) or step out of your car for any reason, we ask that you wear a mask. Staff members will be circulating to assist you in any way to make the event more comfortable. It is important that we all take social distancing very seriously and maintain a distance of at least six feet at all times. Individuals who repeatedly disregard social distancing will be asked to leave.

Q: Will the ceremony be live or pre-recorded? How about livestream?
The ceremony will have elements that are both live and pre-recorded. We are working hard to make this event as special as possible and provide all of the traditions of a typical MCS graduation with special additions unique to the circumstances.

In addition, we will be livestreaming the event on YouTube Live through the MCS website. More information about livestreaming will be available shortly.

Q: How will I receive my diploma, and can my mom take a picture?
Prior to receiving your diploma, a school staff member will come to the graduate’s (primary) car.  The graduate and their family members will be escorted by the staff member, with respect to social distancing, to line up to receive their diploma.  We ask that no one leave their car until directed to do so.  Only the family members from the primary car may accompany the graduate to the stage for photos.  When the graduate’s name is announced, they will walk across the stage to receive their diploma from Mr. Sloane.  The family will have been guided to a specific area for taking pictures.  At that point the family can take all the photos they want until the next graduate is announced. The receiving of diplomas will be broadcast live on the main screen so that all guests can share in the moment. Once the graduate leaves the stage we ask that everyone quickly make their way back to their car.

Q: Do students need to wear masks or gloves when they receive their diploma?
Students are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines; however, they will not be required to wear masks or gloves during the awarding of diplomas. Mr. Sloane will be wearing a mask and will limit the interactions to ensure safety.

Q: Due to COVID-19, I heard that the printers are backed up and I might not get my official diploma that night, is this true?
Wow you are very perceptive. Unfortunately, you are correct. There is currently a backlog for diplomas and yearbooks.  If the diplomas do not arrive on time, you will get an official MCS diploma case and a placeholder diploma. Once they arrive we will mail them to you along with the yearbooks.

Q: Will there be a professional photographer capturing my moment?
Yes, we will have a photographer to capture the moment you receive your diploma. We will send you the photos once they are processed and printed.    

Q: Can I buy and/or bring refreshments?
The drive-in concession stand will not be open to purchase refreshments. You are allowed to bring in refreshments if you wish, with the exception of alcohol. We ask that you take your trash with you when you leave the premises. 

Q: How will I be able to hear the ceremony?
All audio of the event will be streamed through 88.7 FM on your car radio. Please bring a car with a working FM radio.

Q: Will there be bathroom facilities available?
Yes, the drive-in has bathroom facilities. Due to COVID-19, the drive-in will only allow one person/family at a time. Touch-free fixtures have been added to help ensure safety.

Q: :How long will the ceremony be?
With respect to the late start of the event and restrictions on bathroom facilities, we will try to keep the event to approximately one hour.  It is likely, however, that the event will exceed an hour in order to provide a memorable experience. We will not sacrifice the personal touches or limit the experience to keep it within a strict time frame.

Q: Will the seniors have a rehearsal?
We will be holding a rehearsal zoom meeting on June 18th at 12 pm. All seniors must attend.