Envirothon Students Dominate Regionals

Students in Envirothon team Students-4-Science on a computer screen for a virtual competition with their club advisorStudents in Envirothon team Un-be-leaf-able on a computer screen for a virtual competition with their club advisorMiddleburgh Envirothon Club took the top two spots at this year’s regional competition. 

Students used Zoom and Google Classroom to answer questions, identify organisms and solve problems in the areas of forestry, soils, aquatics, wildlife, and a current issue which this year was about water resource management. 

The Students-4-Science team placed first in the county and in the region overall and will be advancing on to states May 25. Our other high school team, Un-be-leaf-able came in a very close second and had one of the best scores in soils for MCS.

The high school students, led by Mollie Burgett, make up these teams:

Students-4-Science: Julianna Keyser, Brian Bagley, Caitlyn Nikolaus, Samantha Zinssar
Un-be-leaf-able: Anna Hooper, Liam Hooper, Will Churchill, Devin Lacko, Andie Burton

five students wearing face masks stand along a wall for a pictureThe district was represented by three teams in this year’s regional Envirothon because sixth graders competed for the first time. Club advisors say having these students participate this year will be crucial to the future of Middleburgh’s Envirothon Club that has eight graduating seniors. The sixth-grade team, MCS-Team-A, led by Aaron Pamel, had excellent scores in aquatics and the current issue topic areas.

MCS-Team-A consists of: Ava Shinaver, Elysse Stanton, Mason Palmatier, Angelina Jacobus, and Corinne Livecchi.