Jr./Sr. High School Principal Discusses the Transformative Impact of AI

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our daily lives is becoming more commonplace. From self-driving cars to virtual assistants, AI technology is reshaping industries across the globe. The field of education is no exception, with many people considering the pros and cons of the technology. News Channel 13 recently reached out to MCS Jr./Sr. Principal Matthew Sloane for his insights.

Reporter Tess Bentulan asked Sloane and professors from the University at Albany and the Rochester Institute of Technology about using AI in the classroom. Sloane noted that teachers can now use AI to create a lesson plan. While becoming more familiar with AI, teachers will be better equipped to teach students how to use it responsibly instead of using it as a homework shortcut.

“Cheating has been happening since the beginning of time,” Sloane said. “Since the first person discovered how to make a wheel, someone else is making a wheel from their model. With ChatGPT in particular, teachers have to get better at questioning. If they are asking more multi-step questions, if they are asking questions that are more thinking process involved, you’ll be able to quickly know if a student typed that into an AI program.”

Sloane is especially focused on what the future holds for MCS students. With AI rapidly changing so many industries, Sloane says school administrators must put extra effort into understanding how they can best prepare their students for a changing career landscape.