Meet the New Middle School Science Teacher: Mark Hitt

Mark Hitt, Middle School Science TeacherMark Hitt joins MCS this year as a Middle School Science Teacher!

He received his B.S. in Chemistry from SUNY Geneseo before starting towards his Ph.D. at the University of Rochester. 

While working as a graduate student, I realized that my passion lay with teaching rather than chemistry itself, so I made the decision to leave my chemistry research program,” Mark said. 

He began his teaching career at Rochester Preparatory Academy, a charter school in the city of Rochester.  He spent three years teaching chemistry there while earning his Master’s degree in education from St. John Fisher College.

Mark is originally from  Cortland, NY and moved to the Capital Region with his wife to be closer to family.  He spent the last three years teaching Chemistry and Middle School Science at Northville CSD. 

“I try to create a rigorous, exciting learning environment where each student is encouraged to explore the natural world through observations and hands-on experiences.”

Question: What do you look forward to in your work at Middleburgh?

I look forward to teaching all students at Middleburgh. When I taught chemistry at my previous schools, I only saw a portion of the students in the school.

Question: Do you have a favorite book, movie or hobby? 

My favorite book (series) is the “Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan.  I am an avid reader and hiker (still working on getting to all 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks). I also enjoy playing soccer and baseball.

Question: Do you have a motto?

I believe that students learn from experience, and as an educator it is my mission to give students the highest quality educational experiences I can.