MES Welcomes Back Principal Irwin

Amy Irwin with her daughter and husband. There is a body of water in the background.The new year has seen the return of Middleburg Elementary School Principal Amy Irwin. Irwin took leave from September to December of 2023 to travel with her family after her husband received a Fulbright to teach at University College Dublin.

Amy Irwin and her daughter in front of the Eifel Tower at night.During her three months away, Irwin homeschooled her daughter and spent time exploring. They traveled to other parts of the UK, including London, and flew to Austria, France and Portugal. Irwin visited a few European schools in various environments. 

“I saw lots of similarities, and I am also excited to share fresh ideas with teachers and students,” Irwin said.

It’s an experience that Irwin will always recall with great appreciation.

Amy Irwin stands with a bird on her wrist. She is wearing a protective glove.“My family will remember it as one of the best times of our lives, and I was able to do so many things that I never have done before,” said Irwin. “I thank the district, faculty and staff for supporting this and keeping everything on track. Special thanks to Gloria Savino for stepping into my role.”

Amy Irwin stands between two grade 5 boys.While Irwin may have been far away, MCS was always with her.

“Travelling is a reminder of what a big world it is, yet how similar we are to each other as educators,” said Irwin.

Students are excited by Irwin’s return; they filled an eight foot banner with “welcome back” messages.

Banner with welcome back messages written by elementary students.