COVID–19 Testing and Contact Tracing Plan

Pursuant to the Department of Health and the New York State Governors office the following statement outlines the Middleburgh Central School districts plan for COVID-19 testing and Contact Tracing.

In the event a student or staff member is exhibiting symptoms, a teacher or staff member will direct the students to the nurse’s office for an evaluation, which will include a temperature and symptoms check. If the student has a fever and symptoms that match the CDC guidelines for COVID-19, the student or staff member will be placed into a designated isolation room. The in-house Bassett Health clinic will be notified immediately. A trained Bassett Health professional, in full PPE gear will conduct a COVID-19 test and send the sample in for testing. The student will be picked up by a parent and escorted out of the building. Lab results will be sent to the Department of Health and DOH staff will notify the school and determine next steps for contact tracing.

It is recommended all students enroll in the Bassett Health Program to be eligible for COVID -19 testing.