Sixth Graders Testing the Waters of Envirothon

chalk board with scientific findings from water testingMCS Envirothon club has expanded in members, bringing in sixth grade students to partake in scientific experiments.

At their first meeting, sixth graders brought in water samples from their home, community, or a local natural source. They performed different tests on the water samples to get an understanding of how the physical and chemical qualities impact the habitat of fish. The students tested for nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and pH levels. They also got a chance to test the turbidity of water. 

The high school senior Envirothon students guided the 6th graders and taught them how to conduct the tests, explaining why it was important to test the water. The students got to record their data and compare their tests with everyone else’s to see which water sample would be the best for fish to live in!

in a science classroom, two teachers and eight students work on teting water two students test water with their teacher watching