Sky Dome Planetarium Lets Students Explore Space

Stars displayed in planetariumElementary students took a journey through space on Feb. 7, when the inflatable Sky Dome Planetarium visited the school. They learned about planets, stars, constellations and space exploration.

The excitement was evident as students entered the planetarium and listened to Stacy Kuhen, an educational consultant with Mobile Ed Productions, explain that sometimes they would feel like they were flying through space during the presentation.

Students entering planetarium
Throughout the day, K-6 classes engaged in learning targeted to their grade level. As they left the planetarium, the students were excited to share their new knowledge.

Grade one student Logan B. came away with many new facts about the planets.

“Pluto used to be a planet,” Logan explained. “Now it’s a dwarf planet. Also, there is probably a massive tornado on Jupiter.”

Classmate Paisley A. was dazzled by what she saw.

“It was really cool,” she said. “I love that Saturn has rings.

Instructor talks to students in planetarium.
Kuhen says the Sky Dome Planetarium gives students a chance to learn in an experiential way and feel like they are immersed in space. 

“I hope they have an experience of learning more about our solar system and what NASA is capable of,” Kuhen said. “I hope it sparks their interest in learning more.”

Grade three students emerged from the planetarium with a new knowledge about very distant places.

Students in planetarium.“We saw different planets and the sun,” said Madison J. “And we saw three people who got to the moon safely.”

“We saw the whole solar system and rock rovers,” said Gavin S. “We saw the constellations and the Big Dipper.”Students stand in a group outside inflated planetarium.