Summer Enrichment Program encourages learning during summer months

students show off their work during the summer enrichment programJust because it’s summer doesn’t mean learning has to stop. This summer the Middleburgh Central School District held a new four-week K-6 Summer Enrichment Program, which gave students the opportunity for hands-on learning and travelling the world from their classrooms.

Ms. Connely taught the grade 4-6 combination class, whose theme was “Africa.” One thing Ms. Connely said that she and the students enjoyed was the storytelling aspect of the lessons. “I really enjoyed learning about ancient Africa alongside my students and having it all interconnected with a story,” said Ms. Connely.

Ms. Connely also saw students working as a team during the four-week program. “Working in a small group setting, these kids had to rely on one another. I saw students helping each other, willing to ask for help, and being good leaders and listeners. This program fostered the group dynamic of respect and working together from the beginning.”

students show off their work during the summer enrichment programBoth Ms. Becker, who taught a Home Town unit, and Ms. Connely said that students enjoyed the hands-on aspects of the program and that students all had a great reaction to the program and said it felt like they weren’t going to school.

In addition, to encourage learning during the summer months, Summer Reading Lists were posted for multiple grade levels this year, including reading projects for grades 5-7. You can find the Summer Reading Lists here.