New Teaching Resource to Empower Students

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

In an effort to develop more efficient ways to streamline information between teachers and students, Middleburgh Central School District will be transitioning to G Suite for Education. This collaborative tool will help support our new online teaching and learning environment. Every student will be getting access within the next few weeks. When we are fully ready to utilize Google Classroom, we will let you know. Until then, continue to use the methods you have been using. 

How It Will Work 

Grades 5th -12th will log into Google Classroom to access all of their messages, assignments, and documents from teachers. This platform is taking the place of the site, so students can get real-time feedback from their teachers on their assignments. Teachers will post in their Google Classroom, in addition to their regularly scheduled class Zoom sessions. Students will be asked to submit their work through Google Classroom, instead of email, so everything is found in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Will my student still be able to access their school email and Microsoft files?

-> Yes, students can still use their to access those resources.

My student has a personal Gmail account. Can they use that account for Google Classroom?

-> No, Google Classroom is limited to their school created G Suite account 

-> Please make sure students are only logged into their school. If you are logged into two accounts in one browser there can be issues accessing materials. 

My student has forgotten their username/ password what now?

-> Please email and include the student’s name, and what Google Suite information you need help with (username or password). 

How does my student login to Google Classroom?

-> Go to search the words “google log in” and select You should see the sign in box to the right. 

-> If you see an account logged in you will need log out or open a guest browser

-> Once you are signed in you go to

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Middleburgh Central School District Educational Technology Specialist and Athletic Director, Maria Sime at