The Domino Effect of Giving Back

More Than 200 Cereal Boxes Collected

woman crouches down with one hand on a box of cereal ready to topple them over like dominos
School counselor Mrs. Howe ready to topple the boxes like dominos

School counselor Mrs. Howe challenged the entire elementary school to see how many boxes of cereal they could bring to donate to local food pantries. 

Third graders brought in the most boxes, 68 of them, and won an ice cream party for their efforts! The total number that MES students donated equaled 235 boxes of cereal! 

As promised, before the cereal was given to local pantries and the Joshua Project, students and teachers gathered to line up the boxes in the hallway for a domino rally. They cheered as they watched all their donations, a domino train of cereal boxes, falling one by one! Thank you to all the families who participated!