2021 Graduation Ceremony Video

“We are so excited to celebrate our graduation at the Greenville Drive-In tonight. I know Mr. Sloane and his team have a magical night planned for our seniors,” Superintendent Brian Dunn said ahead of this evening’s ceremony.

Principal Sloane and company did indeed produce a wonderful celebration and preserved video of the star-studded event for your viewing pleasure. Have a look…  #honoringMCSclassof2021


Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Ethan Adams
Ashley Allen
Emiley Allen
Brian Bagley
Jacob Bartow
Richelle Bashwinger
Keaton Bender
Andie Burton
Gianna Bynum
Jedediah Case
Alli Cater
William Churchill
Ashley Ciafardo
Lily Davis
Brandon Diamond
Sofia Falco
Katie Fancher
Mary Gebhard
Hayden George
Bryan Graham
Desiree Gullestad
Isabella Henry
Victor Hirsch
Anna Hooper
Ashton Jensen
Andrew Johns
Cameron Kenney
Nicholas Kenney
Julianna Keyser
Stephen Kowalski
Devin Lacko
Justin Lawyer
Kelsey Layaou
Sebastian LeRuzic
Tyler Mann
Hailey Marsh
Abigail McCarron
Kiersten Mickle
Christopher Miller
Emily Miller
Kalin Moya
Ayden Myhre
Caitlyn Nikolaus
Jerred Ottman
Madison Palmatier
Rainy Palmatier
Isabel Philipp
Joseph Rabbitt
Sky Rivera
Adam Rock
Brendan Ryan
Isaiah Seawright
Nathaniel Sherman
Shane Smith
Brandon Soard
Samantha Zinssar