Advisory Scarecrow Winners

The Jr. / Sr. High School got into the spirit of the fall season and joined the community in giving passersby on Main Street an eyeful of creativity. During advisory periods, students used teamwork, project management, imagination, and artistic style to conjure up a front lawn filled with funny, scary, creepy, and interesting scarecrows. Please check out our Facebook album and Instagram posts to view all of the entries. They did an outstanding job!

The first place winner was Frankenstein, a masterpiece created by Mr. Gray’s advisory. The top prize was a pizza and ice cream party.

eight students standing around a huge Frankenstein head made out of grass

Second place was the SpongeBob made by Mrs. Himme’s advisory. They won ice cream and gift cards.

seven students standing around a SpongeBob scarecrow sitting on a chair

Third place winners were the creators of the RIP scarecrow coming out of the grave. Ms. Akin’s advisory team will get cider donuts. 

scarecrow with a flannel shirt and witches hat coming out of the ground and gravefive students and a teacher are surrounding their scarecrow and stuffing it with hay


Honorable mention goes to Ms. Norfolk’s advisory team for their artistic scarecrow rendition of Frida!

six students standing around a scarecrow they made of Frida