An Expression of Profound Appreciation For Those Who Risked All — Handmade Ceramic Poppies Decorate MHS Lawn Through Memorial Weekend

cermaic poppies with a view of the high schoolInspired by the 2014 Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London, MCS ceramic class students and the 8th grade art students created the ceramic Memorial Day poppy display you see out in the front lawn of the high school.

After World War One ended and clean up began, a large red flower began to randomly bloom all over Europe. The red poppy came to be recognized as a staple for Memorial Day due to its red color, symbolizing the blood shed during the war.

The ceramic poppies will remain on display through Memorial Weekend. On Tuesday, the poppies will be removed from the lawn. “Students will give them to veterans as a token to remember their lost comrades and soldiers as well as anyone who has lost a loved one in the military as a small ‘Thank You’ for their sacrifice,” said art teacher Teresa Norfolk. 

The students and staff who made this project happen: Mr. Matt Bender, Alanna Becker, Samantha Zinsser, Jaesen Hoop, Robert Kennedy, Vera Shaul, Steven Camp, Ms. Teresa Norfolk, Madilyn Bevins, Braydon Brown, Morgan Masterson, Brendan Ryan, Patrick Lusk, Damon Pickett. 

close up of hand molding clay into a poppystudent is working with clay to make poppies at a tablered ceramic poppies in the ground with small American Flags Around them