Getting to Know The 2021 Top 5: Brian Bagley

student senior picture in a tux with black bowtoe and nice red-brown hair and nice smileTop 5, Brian Bagley: Previously I was a member of Interact, and played varsity soccer. This year, I had the pleasure of doing cross country track. I have done many musicals throughout the years for the MCS Drama Club as well as Timothy Murphy Playhouse. I participated in band, choir, and Music of the Knight (select choir). I’m currently a member of National Honor Society, the National Society of High School Scholars, Envirothon, and Youth as Leaders. I plan to run track and field when it starts in late April.

What you want people to know about you: I’m very outgoing. I love going out and meeting new people wherever I am. Whether it’s at the mall or on the beach I’ve tried to set a goal to for myself to talk to one new person each month. Even if it’s just saying hi. 

Career goals: I plan on attending the University of Miami Florida next fall with a major in biology on the pre-med track and a minor in marine biology. Eventually after medical school I plan on becoming an anesthesiologist. 

Something about the world that concerns you: Something that concerns me about the world would definitely be the environment. Garbage is still being dumped in the oceans. Much of our oxygen actually comes from the oceans. If we’re destroying our oceans we’re inevitably destroying ourselves. 

Something about the world that inspires you: One thing that will always continue to inspire me in the world is the small, random acts of kindness and appreciation that often go unspoken. Witnessing someone put a smile on someone else’s face is so uplifting and makes me want to do the same. 

Notable quote: The quote that has had the most impact on me is “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman. I believe it is important to always try to stay positive. Yes, it is ok to be sad and when appropriate, mourn. However, staying in that darkened mind frame doesn’t do any good. No matter how dim and gloomy things may seem always try to look forward past whatever storm is above you. As another quote goes, “After every hurricane comes a rainbow.” – Katy Perry. 

Advice to help other students succeed: The most important thing that helped me study and do homework well was time management. Learning how to prioritize what assignments are more important and which ones are due the soonest; to finish those first is crucial. 

MHS spotlight: One of my highlights would definitely be opening night of the Wizard of Oz performance in 2019. The energy is quite unmatched in my opinion. Everyone was elated with the thrill of being on stage either for their first time or again with the same excitement that always surrounds the theater. As it was the last musical I was a part of due to COVID-19, I believe and hope that I always cherish that memory.