Getting to Know The 2021 Top 5: Sofia Falco

senior picture of a girl wearing a black drape with long black hair split down the middle and a big smile with white teeth.Top 5, Sofia Falco: Two-year President of FBLA, President of SADD, Class Co-President, alumni of HOBY and RYLA, Interact, NHS

What you want people to know about you: I believe that I can do anything that I want if I work hard enough. 

Career goals: I definitely want to be a forensic pathologist in the long run, so, a career in medicine. I was accepted to my ED school, Tufts University, where I will study according to my interests. As of right now, I plan to major in chemical physics and philosophy. 

Something about the world that concerns you: The number of people who are afraid to disagree with a common opinion. I find it really concerning that some people just kind of accept things and don’t question them, I don’t typically enjoy mock authority. 

Something about the world that inspires you: I find it inspiring that I am able to be my own individual person and build my life the way that I want to. I love that I have the opportunity to do anything that I want with my life. 

Notable quote: The phrase “you only shoot as high as you aim” has stuck with me for years. Whatever your best shot is, it can only get worse from there. So, you might as well give it your best and see what comes of it. 
Advice to help other students succeed: Stop caring about your grades and give more thought to wanting knowledge, your curiosity and desire to understand should guide you, plus it makes school more tolerable. Learn to study because you want to know things, not to get a “good” grade, that just takes the fun out of learning things. Read beyond what you learn in school

MHS spotlight: I have gotten yelled at by the school crossing guard, not once, but twice while driving. I would say that these events have desensitized me from embarrassment as a whole.