About the Jr./Sr. High School

Middleburgh Jr./Sr. High school serves approximately 350 students in grades 7-12. Our students embody a tradition of excellence and strive to surpass all New York State Standards on their way to graduation. The school is a blend of progressive educational practices and school town community values. Situated in the Schoharie Valley, the school prides itself on its connection to the surrounding community and the responsibility to protect and strive for innovative approaches to pass on from generation to generation.

Middleburgh Jr./Sr. High School offers a vibrant academic curriculum taught by dedicated staff members in a community-driven atmosphere. The school offers several electives, alternative education programs, career and technical opportunities, agricultural education and blended learning environments to meet the diverse needs of our students.

The variety of extra-curricular and service organizations at Middleburgh Jr. Sr. High School enhance our students’ High School experience. The advisors and students accomplish many goals to improve the school and larger community. The students support and create many activities to “give-back” to their community both inside and outside of the school. In addition, our Athletic program is one of the premier programs in the region and offers opportunities at all levels of engagement. Coaches instill all aspects of the scholar athlete expectation.

We encourage every student to find their passion and devote their time and energy to developing their interests to make the world a better place. The faculty, staff and students of Middleburgh Jr. Sr. High School contribute to the environment of our school by promoting kindness, compassion and empathy. Our faculty, staff and students contribute in countless ways to create an inviting and welcoming school climate so that every member of the Middleburgh Central School District family can develop their skills and talents to their highest potential.

Excellence is the goal for every student and the collective efforts of our school will ensure success for all. We are a proud community of learners and put forth a strong effort towards continuous improvement.