Legendary Hits & Lip-Sync Battles: Register for the Battle of the Air Bands

MCS Battle of The Air Bands 2024 Sponsored by the MCS Class of 2026 & 2027, guitar, musical notes, knight headsMCS Classes of ‘26 and ‘27 are hosting the MCS Battle of the Air Bands at MCS Auditorium on March 22, 2024, starting at 7 p.m. The competition will raise funds for future junior and senior class activities. Organizers say they hope this will be the start of a new tradition.

How it works:

The competition revolves around 30 iconic songs from legendary bands like KISS, Queen, ABBA, and more. Groups (consisting of no fewer than three members) will choose a track from a predetermined set list to perform. Students, staff and community members are all eligible to compete.

Each act, dressed up in the signature style of the chosen band, will lip sync and air perform their song. The audience will judge performances using an interactive app and QR code.  After an initial elimination round, two acts will battle it out for the top prize.  The winning team will receive $180 & a trophy; second place contestants will receive $60.  

Registration form is available here.

Complete rules are below. A printer-friendly list of contest rules is available here.

Tickets are $5 general admission. All proceeds from the event will benefit both classes.

Contest rules:

MCS Battle of The Air Bands 2024
Sponsored by the MCS Class of 2026 & 2027
March 22, 2024; 7PM – MCS Auditorium


This is a fun and entertaining way for two MCS classes to raise funds for their junior and senior year class activities! A planning committee consisting of students from the freshmen and sophomore classes will select 30 songs from 30 different bands, (ie. KISS, Queen, Aerosmithetc…) Participants in groups of no less than three people, will select a song from the set list to register. Each group will dress in the band’s classic attire, and will air perform and lip sync the song in front of a live audience. Students in the committee will create graphics for the big screen for each band, create a set list for each act with a QR code using an app and live timing that will allow show guests to judge the bands as they perform the song. After all the acts have performed, a head-to-head battle will be held between the two top teams, using another pre-approved song from their band.

General Rules:

  1. The competition is open to all MCS community, parents, faculty, staff & students!
  2. Each act must create a band name and have at least three members. Each member must be included on the original registration form in order to enter the competition.
  3. All songs and performances must be selected from the set list and be in good taste.
  4. All acts will dress in appropriate attire based on the band they have selected for the entire performance. Each act is responsible for their costume, makeup and props. A prop drum set and microphone stands will be provided.
  5. The planning committee will set the order of performances by March 8th. All contestants must be ready to perform at their time. Failure to start on time will forfeit your performance.
  6. There will be a 5 minute stage limit for each performance. After each performance, the curtain will close and there will be a 3 minute setup between performances.
  7. Performances will be judged by the crowd using an online app and QR code.
  8. The registration deadline is December 11th, 2023. The first 12 acts to complete their contest registration form will be allowed to participate; all others will be alternate teams in the order of registering. If more than 20 teams register, we will hold auditions for the top 12 acts in December before the break.
  9. The cost of registration is $20 per team. The first place team will be awarded $180 and a trophy. The second place team will receive $60. The official acts performing will be determined before the holiday break and the $20 registration fee will be due.
  10. All acts must attend a dress rehearsal at 7PM on March 20, 2024. (props and costumes must be used for rehearsal)

    The planning committee will have the right to evaluate each group and disqualify any groups that do not adhere to the rules above. All decisions by the planning committee are final. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the planning committee.