Share your ideas with MCS

MCS has created two surveys so that we can hear directly from you. Our goal is to be able to collect the most diverse set of ideas from which we can then begin having conversations as a learning community. These surveys will remain open until November, and we thank you in advance for sharing your ideas.

— Mark Place, Superintendent

MCS Field Trip Brainstorm Survey

In our MCS KNIGHTS acronym, the letter “G” stands for “Global.” Within the definition, it states that “It is our mission to provide opportunities for our students to look beyond the borders of their own environment.”

We are asking our learning community to help us generate a list of possible field trips that could become part of the “MCS Field Trip Experience” for our students from PreK through graduation. Our goal is to collect as many ideas as possible. If you have only one idea right now, submit that, and if you come up with others later, please feel free to submit another form.

Field trip survey link:

‘Bootcamp for Life’ Survey

In the spring of 2022, the Board of Education met with graduating seniors and asked them about their insights on their experience at MCS. Those students indicated that they wished they had a class that specifically prepared them for life after school. In my interview with the Board prior to being hired, I was asked if there was any specific class I would like to see in our course catalog, and my response was “yes” — a course like “Bootcamp for Life,” which would prepare students for experiences such as understanding a rental agreement, purchasing insurance, etc.

With the Board, graduates, and myself expressing interest in adding a course such as this to our course catalog, we want to gather ideas on possible topics to include in the course from our staff, parents/guardians, students, alumni and community so that we get a wide range of perspectives. We’ve included space in the survey for you to recommend up to five topics. If you have more than five topics for us to consider, please feel free to complete additional surveys. 

“Bootcamp for Life” survey link: