Spellbound Success: Celebrating District Spelling Bee Winners

On Jan. 17, MCS held a spelling bee for students in grades 4-8 at the MCS Jr./Sr. Auditorium. The winners were:

Five students stand on stage
1st place: Grace P., grade 7
2nd place: Logan B., grade 6
3rd place: Noah S., grade 4
4th place: Adelynn K. grade 5
5th place: Gretchen S., grade 6

Prior to the spelling bee, classrooms were buzzing with excitement as students practiced and competed in first-round eliminations. The classroom champions then faced off against each other at the auditorium as parents and guardians cheered them on.

Although the victors had practiced challenging words for weeks, they were nervous.

“One student remarked she may have to run off the stage,” said Pupil Personnel Services Director Stella Ritter, who organized the event. “But, they all did their best!”

Principal Amy Irwin says there are multiple benefits for students when they participate in a spelling bee.

“The spelling bee offers our students the opportunity to showcase an academic talent which is pretty special,” Irwin said.  “Some students see participating in the spelling bee as a risk for themselves because being up on stage in front of everyone is not an easy thing!  We are so proud of all the participants and we thank the audience for cheering them on!”