Students Learn Dangers of Distracted Driving

Student attempts to walk a straight line while wearing "drunk" goggles.Hang Up and Drive joined forces with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) on May 3, to bring a crucial message to grade 9-12 students about the perils of distracted driving. Through both an assembly and a simulation, students were able to learn how alcohol, drugs, peer pressure and risky behavior can lead to accidents behind the wheel.

During the simulated impairment experience, students and staff had the opportunity to try to walk a straight line while wearing “drunk” goggles. Participants experienced first-hand how impairment affects the ability to function. 

Superintendent Mark Place attempts to walk a straight line while wearing "drunk" goggles.Student attempts to walk a straight line while wearing "drunk" goggles.The Hang Up and Drive assembly provided additional avenues of discussion. The organization was founded by Jacy Good and her husband Steve Johnson. They became advocates for distraction-free driving after Good became partially paralyzed in a crash caused by a distracted driver. Both her parents were killed in the crash.

Sophomore Rylie M. is part of the Middleburgh chapter of SADD. She says listening to Good was inspirational.

“It was really cool to experience how another person’s perspective could influence people’s decisions,” she said. “You get to learn other people’s stories, understand where they came from, so you can stop bad things from happening to other people.”

Sign reading, "Did you know seat belts are required for every driver and passenger in New York, regardless of age or seating potion?" Rock the belt in every ride, every seat, every time. (Source NYS DMV, NY S 4336/A 6163.
Principal Matthew Sloane says he knew the presentation would be impactful.

“When I learned that Hang Up and Drive was giving presentations in our area, I jumped on the opportunity to bring them to Middleburgh,” Sloane said. “We wanted to get the message out in advance of prom season and the summer.”

You can view Good’s PSA through AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ campaign below.

Learn more at the Hang Up and Drive website