Zoom Room Helps Get Kids Back in School

The Middleburgh Central School District is committed to bringing back as many students as possible into the school building while still maintaining a safe environment for the entire community. Beginning Monday, February 22, which is a green day, twenty-four students will be brought back into the building full-time through the Zoom Room. The designated Zoom Room will house twelve students each color day and allow students to attend their classes remotely. Students were selected based on need and were contacted by the guidance department.

This concept will allow students to be in a school setting, have access to their teachers during study hall, eat in the cafeteria and participate in P.E. class. Due to the pandemic we can only have twelve students in a classroom. However, if there is an absence in one of their assigned classes, the student in the Zoom Room will be able to easily join the rest of their classmates in the physical classroom. 

It is our intent to provide a supportive environment, staffed by the MCS faculty, offer necessary assistance, and allow students to remain in an academic environment. As we assess the progress of the Zoom Room, the district will continue to explore additional locations and opportunities to bring back even more students as allowed by the Department of Health.