Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Prepared by the Strategic Planning Committee

It has been a goal of the Strategic Planning Committee to develop a mission for the Middleburgh Central School District. As a group, we believe our ideals should consist of three delivery vehicles to the school community.

– A Motto, – A Mission, – A Vision

The Motto must be short and concise and sum up our mission in very few words, so it can be easily recited by everyone involved.
The Mission should include and elaborate on the motto.
The Vision should explain how the motto and mission are implemented.


Mission: It is the mission of the Middleburgh Central School District to be a productive and responsible learning community, where all are inspired to achieve excellence.

Vision: EVERYONE employed by the Middleburgh Central School District is an educator. The motto and mission statements are tools which will drive the Middleburgh Central School District to become the best possible educational institution, building on the values we already possess and the values we wish to obtain. The acronym KNIGHTS represents our seven educational philosophies. These core beliefs will help to drive our mission. This acronym can also be carried into athletics and extra curricular activities.

The Middleburgh Central School KNIGHTS WILL SUCCEED, in this mission, and with the efforts of our entire school community, will be based on the following seven core beliefs:

Knowledgeable – All educators of MCS are knowledgeable in their fields. All employees have interaction with MCS students and will be encouraged to present themselves in a professional manner and promote productive working practices. Classroom teaching employees will demonstrate their knowledge in a challenging, rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, designed to encourage each student to reach his or her full potential and SUCCEED in his or her classes. Educators will be empowered to be innovative and look for new and better ways of doing things while building on what we have already accomplished.

Nurturing – The Middleburgh Central School will provide a safe and nurturing environment for all students. Each educator will be encouraged to play an active role in students’ academic and personal goals. The students’ health, growth, safety, and education will be the primary goal in achieving a caring school environment. Educators will act as mentors to students, providing guidance in their educational decisions, and helping them SUCCEED in their goals.

Inspiring – All Middleburgh Central School District employees are committed to excellence. Educators are encouraged to inspire students, and will accept nothing less than the best in themselves, their administrators, and their students. MCS educators are hard working and expect that same hard work from their students and peers. Everyone needs to be inspired to SUCCEED in performing the best he or she can. We will accomplish our mission through common sense, hard work and dedication.

Global – It is our mission to provide opportunities for our students to look beyond the borders of their own environment. This will enable them to appreciate and celebrate diversity, connect with the wider world, and develop skills that will encourage them to become global citizens.

Honorable – Everyone is treated with respect. Educators and students are encouraged to be model citizens within the community and be role models for younger generations. Educators and students will be provided with quality training and encouraged to become honorable citizens, through volunteering and community service. Providing staff with quality training and supervision, in a productive and respectful environment, is imperative.

Teamwork – Everyone will communicate effectively and commit to listening to others. We must focus on the issues at hand and seek solutions that are acceptable to all parties. Everyone must be willing to negotiate, while not compromising these core beliefs. Everyone will share ideas and knowledge with others, while keeping in mind the impact on the community.

Students – Our Students Come First – Meeting the needs of our students and advocating for them and their families is our primary concern. The students’ growth, health, safety, and education are the first considerations in every decision. Their needs must be responded to promptly, in a positive, goal oriented approach. By doing this, we will promote the strengths of each and every student.

It is our goal to empower the Middleburgh Central School with each of these seven core beliefs. We cannot form the word KNIGHTS without each of these unifying beliefs, therefore each letter is equally important.

It should be a mission that everyone can agree with, articulate, and promote. We recommend that our motto appear on every bus, every letterhead, website, and be displayed in some manner at every school function, so the community shares our mission as well.