Camp Teaches Preparedness and How to Stay Safe in a Flood

At today’s natural disasters camp, the topic was floods. In a village prone to flooding, students in second and third grades learned about the causes and impacts of floods and how to stay safe.

three worksheets - one has a lightbulb to write ideas into, another sheet is a check list of supplies, and the other sheet is made of boxes to check off how much money was spentAfter teachers Kelli Leclair and Kelly Becker taught a morning lesson, they broke up into two groups to experiment. The students had a list of materials and an imaginary $30 budget to purchase the items they thought would keep their house safe from rising water. After their strategic purchases, they got creative and constructed barriers. Each group used different methods and materials for their projects, but when it was put to the test they both worked! In the video, you will see the students planning their process, constructing the barriers around their house, and then adding water to see what happens next.