MES music students soar at NYSSMA solo festival

mes students pose with their instruments at nyssmaLast week, 14 students from 5th and 6th Grade Band participated in the NYSSMA Solo Festival. All of the students scored in the top two categories: Outstanding and Excellent!

Students performed a self-chosen solo from the NYSSMA manual, scales or rudiments, and sight reading. They are evaluated by a NYSSMA certified adjudicator on the areas of tone, intonation, technique, accuracy, and interpretation, and also receive written comments.

Traveling to another school and performing for a judge can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially as many of these students were participating for the first time. There has been a tremendous amount of musical growth in preparation for this festival and the students should be congratulated on their work ethic and success!

Congratulations to our music students!