Pre-calculus students create a “Truesday” celebration

Students wear matching shirts and give a thumbs-up.Middleburgh Central School District pre-calculus students commemorated a new date on the calendar. After looking for a way to celebrate one of their teachers, they came up with the idea for “Truesday.”

T-shirt with an image of a teacher with his arms crossed. Words say "It's Truesday!"The students said they have learned a lot in Mark Truesdell’s class.

“This is truly a unique class. We’re all pretty close with each other and, of course, Mr. Truesdale,” said student Caroline Adams. “We appreciate the mathematics Mr. T taught us and thought a fun way to honor his teaching was through Truesday.” 

“Pre-Calc is a high-energy class,” said Truesdell. “They consistently challenge me to be on my game and keep each other fully engaged. This is a group of students that MCS should be proud of! I truly appreciate each and every one of them.”

Back of pink t-shirt. It says "You should be done by now. Pre Calc 23."

Student Sarah Schafroth created the shirts after a group of students brainstormed the idea.