Business Office

hand entering data into a calculator

What we do

Under the direction of the board of education and superintendent, the business office:

  • Oversees district finances and ensures that the district adheres to district and state laws, policies, and procedures regarding finances.
  • Educates staff on purchasing procedures.
  • Works cooperatively with other school districts and agencies to seek the best prices for products and services used to educate and transport students and maintain facilities
  • Seeks innovative ways to reduce expenditures.
  • Ensures employees are compensated according to their contracts, including salaries, insurance, retirement contributions and days off.
  • Ensures retirees receive the benefits to which they are entitled.
  • Assists the board of education and administration in preparing the district’s budget.
  • Provides Schoharie County data to generate school property tax bills.
  • Files required forms and reports with the New York State Education Department.
  • Oversees the receipt and disbursement of district funds.
  • Maintains the district’s financial records.

Who does what

Robyn Bhend
Treasurer/School Business Manager
(518) 827-3600 x3623

State and federal grant applications & financial reporting, financial management, budget development, cash and investments, state aid reconciliation and reporting, financial analysis, fund reconciliation, child nutrition program management. 

Maria Jones
Accounts Payable/Tax Collector
518-827-3600 x3620

Accounts payable, purchasing, accounts receivable, employee and retiree benefits coordinator

Jodie Bender
School Payroll Coordinator/Extra Classroom Treasurer
518-827-3600 x3621

Payroll, bank reconciliations, state and federal tax filing, student activity database management

Todd Cipperly
Claims Auditor

Auditor of accounts payable and purchases & auditor for student activity funds 

For payroll or benefit forms, please visit the MCS Staff Resources page

For claim forms or timesheets, please see MCS Forms and Documents Google Folder