Transportation Guidelines

The Middleburgh Central School District operates under transportation guidelines approved by the Board of Education.

Transportation Overview

The District provides transportation to and from a student’s legal residence and/or one alternate location along regularly scheduled bus routes district-wide.

Two pick-ups or drop-offs

The guidelines allow for two (2) pick-ups and/or drop-offs:

  • ONE at the student’s legal residence and/or
  • ONE alternate location.

Any students requiring transportation to an alternate location must complete the linked form and return it to the Transportation Department before August 19 of the next school year. Any subsequent changes to the approved location will only be considered for permanent changes only.

Student(s) who will not need district provided transportation please complete parent transport section on this form and return it to the Transportation Department before August 19 of the next school year.

Transportation will not be provided to non-school activities such as, but not limited to: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, bowling, birthday parties, sleepovers, employment, or religious activities.

Bus notes required for any changes

Bus notes are required on each day the student will not be riding his/her approved pick-up and/or drop off. (parent transport/school sponsored event). If the approved alternate location is not used on a consistent basis (as identified on submitted alternate transportation form) then a bus note must be submitted every time the alternate route will be used. Bus notes will not be accepted if they are for locations other than the approved legal residence or alternate location. Bus notes need the following information to be approved: physical address of alternate location, parent/guardian phone number and signature.

All bus notes need to be received by 9:00 a.m. Faxes, phone calls, texts, and emails will not be accepted. Additional bus notes are available in the main office.

In the event of an emergency dismissal the District will follow the parent/guardian’s instructions on the emergency closing sheet. Parent/guardians are responsible for keeping the information up–to-date.

P.M. drop-off guidelines for students in 3rd grade and under

The school district requires a parent/guardian, older sibling or other responsible party (grade 4 or higher) to be at the bus stop in the afternoon for students 3rd grade and under. Due to safety concerns, if there is no responsible party at the bus stop the student will be taken back to the Bus Garage located at 164 Main Street, where they will need to be picked up by 4:00 p.m. Only when a student is being returned to the Bus Garage will phone calls be made to the parent/guardian.

All forms need to be returned to the Transportation Department by August 19, 2019. All requests received after this date will not be able to be honored at the start of school. Parents will need to provide alternative transportation until the request can be processed by the Transportation Department.